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Silk Tapestry Art By Jimmy Yeates

Jimmy Yeates NFTs

Nigerian-Irish contemporary artist, Jimmy Yeates, was part of a pioneering group of African artists who made significant contributions to the African silk tapestry art form in the 1970s and 1980s. His artworks depict aspects of Nigerian life and culture from the 1970s and 1980s.

Jimmy Yeates was regularly commissioned by both public and private sector organizations to produce artworks for a variety of events and occasions. Public sector commissions involved the production of the Nigerian coat of arms and crests for the various branches of the Nigerian armed forces in silk tapestry, production of artworks showcasing Nigerian culture for diplomatic missions and production of artworks showcasing Nigerian culture, for the second, world Black and African festival of arts and culture, held in Nigeria in 1977 (FESTAC’77). Private sector commissions involved the production of logos in silk tapestry for corporate entities as well as the production of artworks promoting Nigerian tourism.

Jimmy Yeates artworks have been presented as gifts by the Nigerian Federal Government to visiting Heads of States and foreign dignitaries. His artworks can be viewed across Nigeria, in federal and state government buildings, military establishments, diplomatic missions, tourist attractions, hotel lobbies, corporate boardrooms and in the homes of a few private collectors.

Private exhibitions of his artworks have been held in Nigeria, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK and the USA. Notable private collectors of his artworks include, former Nigerian presidents and heads of state, the late Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim, a prominent Nigerian politician and presidential aspirant in the 1970s and the late Esther Rolle, the Emmy Award winning, American television and movie actress.

A limited number of silk tapestry artworks by Jimmy Yeates are currently available for auction. All artworks are framed and glassed to protect the delicate silk threads.

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Wielders World By Franca Ogbonnaya

Franca Ogbonnaya Books

Nigerian-Canadian fantasy / sci-fi author, Franca Ogbonnaya, delves into the world of wielders in three compelling novels.

“Harry Potter set on a fantasy world …”, “The author has painstakingly created a new world, and there is much, much detail of this world-building ….”, “I enjoyed this. It was great fun. I confess, YA, and all things Harry Potter in general aren't my first choice of genre, but this story had something. It was compelling.” - Customer reviews on the Amazon website.

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