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Indie Biography and True Account BooksIndie Biography and True Account Books

Trailers and download links for new, popular, forthcoming and classic indie biography and true account books.

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A Salesman! Reflections on My Life Story by Larry Dickman
Athapaskan Matriliny and Trade in Canada and Alaska by Wayne W. Allen

Bringing Up Race: How to Raise a Kind Child in a Prejudiced World by Uju Asika

Captive Bride by Marjorie J. Hersom
Cong Catchers: A Soldier's Memories of Vietnam by Lee Halverson

Eagle Down: The Last Special Forces Fighting the Forever War by Jessica Donati

GPS for the Soul: Wisdom of the Master by Dana Hayne

If I Told You My Story by Rhonda Bond

Joe's Adventures: "Fun on the River" by Joseph J. Dougherty

Lives of Great Men: Living and Loving as an African Gay Man by Chike Frankie Edozien
Living For Higher Purpose by Reverend Peter G. Vu
Looking Back Through the Life of the Master Artist by Dorothy Slikker

Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson's Secret Romance by Shana Mangatal
My Art Walk to the Contemporary Masters by Dorothy Slikker

Pink Pantie Confessions by Cynda Williams

The Face of Hunger: Reflections on a Famine in Ethiopia by Byron Conner
The Five Sisters by Jean Eugene Havel
The Last Flight: A Pilot Remembers the Air Force and the Biafran Air Attacks by Captain August Okpe
Through the Lens of the Transatlantic Slave Trade by Dr. Vinita Moch Ricks
Twist and Shout: An Awkward Life with Tourette's by Tyler Oberheu

When Love Becomes a Nightmare: A Seniors’ Guide to Online Dating by Sylvia J. Smith

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