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AwA products are made by Tunisian artisans with the most sustainable materials possible. High-quality materials are exclusively used to create chic and timeless stylish products.

AwA offers a wide range of ethically produced full-grain leather bags as well as a collection of 925 silver jewellery finished in gold, all made in North Africa, thanks to the different skills of local workshops, employing mostly women and young people.


AwA which stands for “Architect With Artisan”, is a line of leather goods and accessories founded in 2017, a double tribute to architectural heritage and a nod to the painting work of Néjib Belkhodja, and to the artisan hands behind each piece proposed by architect Samia Ben Abdallah.


AwA aims to build and sustain a strong, ethical and aesthetic brand of high-quality leather goods as well as savvy and unique jewellery and accessories.

AwA expresses the new trend of Generation Z, that of links between communities, looking for a new, more responsible way of life to express a self-identity that advocates authenticity, simplicity and a committed lifestyle.


Corporate Values:

Contemporaneity | Originality | Sustainability | Timelessness | Heritage | Commitment | Elegance

AwA makes it a point of honour to use local materials, in a quest for continuous respect for the environment as well as respect for the working conditions of the workshops with which we collaborate. AwA’s corporate values are committed to promoting transparency, ethics and traceability.


AwA has been selected three times in a row by the Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX) program, which presents exclusive African labels at the Tranoi show, for Paris Fashion Week. This recognition is confirmation that AwA’s efforts are going in the right direction.

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